When planning the layout of your kitchen, it is important to have a “work triangle”, which is an imaginary line connecting the three main areas to maximize efficiency in your design. The food storage area (refrigerator), the food preparation area (counter, sink or island) and the cooking area (oven or stovetop) should be easily accessible from one another. Remember to keep the total combined sides of your work triangle under 26 feet to maximize workspace comfort and efficiency. Keep in mind traffic flow should be outside of the triangle.

The Single-Wall Kitchen

This simple layout is ideal for workflow, cooking, and entertaining. Add an island to create a work triangle.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

Because work areas are close together, this functional design is a popular consideration.

The U-Shaped Kitchen

Close proximity to appliances, ample counter space and efficiency are benefits of this design.

The G-Shaped Kitchen

This is a “U” that is modified by the addition of an extra wall of cabinets and appliances as a peninsula leg or a fourth wall.